About Thera peutic

Thera-peutic is the wound care management and data-driven, smart, cloud-based solution that provides GPs and patients with valuable insights and meaningful impulses for action. Thera-peutic AI analyzes the wound and provides patient and wound specialist with a comprehensive view of wound care population. From this area, Thera-peutic AI Technology performs a semantic analysis of the wound image data captured by the patient, enabling care teams to find wounds more accurately, correctly identify specific tissues, and predict outcomes earlier.

Thera-peutic, is to offers a ‘triage and treat’ system using ARRS funded practitioners and GPs providing treatment for patients whose practices have reached their daily capacity by employ a wide variety of clinicians to meet multiple patient needs including GPs, clinical pharmacists and physiotherapists to provide the best care for patients and help manage patient demand which could otherwise result in symptom exacerbations or presentation at emergency care with a consistent service which does not differ from the practice process.

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